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Delta Rayz

Delta RayzMusicians
Woody Woodmansey
Paul Nash
Martin Smith
Nick Coler
Jim Houghton
Trevor Bolder
Chris Malin


Hi, welcome to ‘Delta Rayz’ page and thanks for checking us out. If you’re in to reading stuff then keep reading and I’ll give you a brief history of how the album ‘So Free’ came in to being.

About a year and a half ago I started writing some songs. Initially it was for my own selfish pleasure, there is a joy in sitting alone writing songs that you don’t get in any other activity. After finishing 6 songs and then scrapping them all and starting again, I decided to write for other artists for them to cover.

A chance meeting with an old acquaintance Paul Nash (vocalist) got us talking music and how he had done some tracks for a major movie a few years earlier and the songs had been accepted but they had wanted a name singer to do them. So it was a high and low all in one. After a couple of hours we decided to get together and do something. I wanted to see how the songs would sound with a singer (he has a bluesy, soulful voice) and Paul wanted to see what he was capable of as a vocalist.

Enter Martin Smith (guitarist/co-producer). I’ve known Martin as a friend for years and always loved his playing, as a member of the band Charlie and his work with ELO in the later years. He agreed to handle the guitars and co-production. He has his own studio “The Garage’. Then there were three!

Next was Nick Coler (keyboards/ strings/ backing vocals). Nick is a friend of Martin’s. I was aware of his work as writer, producer and player with artists like Girls Aloud,  the Saturdays, Alice Cooper and many more. A great player, obviously very diverse in his tastes and after meeting him realised he was as whacky as the rest of us. Perfect.

It was important we got on with each other without any effort.

That left a bass player to find. We ended up having three.

First up was Jim Houghton. I’d done some sessions with him and several live gigs so I knew he was good and a really nice guy (pay me later Jim!!!). Jim did the first three songs and did a brilliant job, great feel and very solid.

Next was my friend and other half of Bowie’s rhythm section, Trevor Bolder. He said he’d love to do some playing on it. So Trev came in and did three tracks. It was good to play with him again, the parts just fell in to place as it had done on all the Bowie tracks we’d done…’don’t think, just play!!’. Sadly this was to be the last recording Trev ever did, as he passed away a few months later. He said ‘I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a studio for twenty years’. I was glad to hear that. He will be missed.

To finish the album we got in Chris Malin. I’d seen him play live a few months earlier and thought ‘a hell of a player’. Chris is also another one who can add his personality to a fun scene.

The plan was to take each song and do whatever we felt it needed to bring it to life, like ‘Frankenstein’, using the talents in the room.

We ended up creating an album of songs that are influenced by decades of music from the 60’s to 2013! In the process we had a great laugh. With comments flying like ‘can you play that again, but this time with talent’ it was hard to concentrate sometimes.

Anyway you now have a bit of a clue how it came together. Check out the tracks and see what you think.

All the best

Woody Woodmansey

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